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Blog Posts in April, 2016

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  • Grey Divorce
    Grey Divorce

    Welcome to another edition of Bouschor Family Law Radio. Today we’re talking with David Bouschor about Grey Divorce. That’s a terminology that is really been coming into play quite a bit here as Baby ...

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  • How are Debts Addressed in a Probate?
    How are Debts Addressed in a Probate?

    When a person prepares a Will, they (the testator) can say that they want the debts on their property to follow that property. For example, if the testator has a debt on their truck and they’re going ...

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  • Peer Reviews
    Peer Reviews

    from Lawyers.Com • • • by Sole Practitioner in Family Law David Bouschor is one of the finest lawyers, legal knowledge, talent, and ethics, that I have ever had the pleasure of working with as ...

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