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Am I Eligible for Alimony in Texas?

In Texas, spousal maintenance – also known as alimony – is complex in nature and limited in duration and amount. Generally, spousal maintenance in Texas is given only after a spouse meets certain criteria.

Court-ordered spousal maintenance is an option if the spouse seeking maintenance lacks sufficient income or assets to support themselves after the divorce, other terms of eligibility include the following:

  • The spouse seeking maintenance was married to the other spouse for at least 10 years and is not able to earn enough to provide for their minimum reasonable needs.
  • The spouse seeking maintenance cannot earn enough income due to a mental or physical disability.
  • The spouse seeking maintenance is the custodian of a child with a physical or mental disability who requires substantial care and the spouse does not earn enough to provide for their minimum reasonable needs.
  • The spouse seeking maintenance was a victim of family violence within two years of the divorce in which the abusive spouse received deferred adjudication or was convicted.

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How Is Alimony Awarded?

The court not only determines whether a spouse receives maintenance, it also determines the amount, duration, and manner of these payments.

The following factors are considered when the court is determining maintenance:

  • The spouse’s financial resources after divorce and their ability to provide for their own reasonable minimum needs
  • The education and employability of the spouse
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age, employment history, earning ability, and physical or emotional condition of the spouse
  • The effect on the paying spouse’s ability to provide for their own minimum reasonable needs while paying alimony and/or child support if applicable
  • Any acts by either spouse that would result in excessive expenditures or destruction or concealment of common property
  • One spouse’s contributions to the other’s education, professional training, or increased earning power
  • The property brought into the marriage by either spouse
  • Either spouse’s contribution as a homemaker
  • Any marital misconduct or cruel treatment by either spouse during the marriage
  • Any pattern or history of family violence

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