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What is Collaborative Law in Texas?

Even though a marriage may be ending, relationships and obligations often continue, especially when children are involved. The collaborative law process helps families make positive decisions, allowing for creative and customized mutual agreements that a traditional courtroom divorce cannot provide. The collaborative law process takes place outside of court, is confidential, and each spouse still has their own attorney to guide them and look out for their individual interests.

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Collaborative divorce is often more cost-effective as it eliminated costly litigation and has more positive settlements. Further, Collaborative divorce is structured so other specially trained professionals such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Mental Health Professionals are working with the team to resolve financial, parenting, and other important issues.

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What is the Collaborative Divorce Process in Texas?

A collaborative divorce cannot happen without the agreement of both spouses which may also include a premarital agreements

  1. Once you agree to move forward with this process, you each hire your own Collaboratively trained and certified attorney.
  2. After you select your respective attorneys, you will each meet privately with them. 
  3. During this meeting, it is important for you to discuss what you want out of your divorce settlement. 
  4. The better your attorney understands your needs, the better you will be represented during your sessions with your spouse.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the collaborative divorce process:

  • Sessions will take place out of court, confidentially, and where each spouse retains their own certified attorney
  • It is often more cost-effective, eliminating costly litigation and offering the chance to craft a more advantageous settlement
  • The format of collaborative divorce sessions involves open and honest exchange of information guided by trained professionals

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Helping You Dissolve Your Marriage With A Confidential, Family Centered Approach

If you and your spouse wish to stay out of court during your divorce, collaborative divorce might be right for you. At the Law Office of David S. Bouschor, II P.C. in Denton, our collaborative divorce team is committed to helping clients end their marriage in the most respectful manner possible while protecting their interests.

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Collaborative Divorce attorneys are specially trained and certified to work in this unique process. At the Law Office of David S. Bouschor, II P.C. in Denton, Attorney David S. Bouschor, II has been a leading member of the Collaborative Law community for over 30 years, serving many clients and training other attorneys on the Collaborative Divorce Process. Our team can guide you through the collaborative divorce process, so you can work for a respectful resolution for you and your family.

For more information on Collaborative Divorce, please visit these resources for more information.

Reach out to our law office today at (940) 202-8323 to schedule a consultation with Attorney David S. Bouschor, II to learn more about the collaborative divorce process in Denton now.



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