The History of the Evers House

Welcome to another edition of Bouschor Family Radio with David S. Bouschor, II. Today we’re talking about David’s office building. This is a historic building just off the downtown square, and David, to the best of your knowledge this house was built sometime in the 1880s.

David: The old tax records that we have say that it was built in 1885. As far as maps showing it in existence, we have not been able to find a map that shows it in place, but that’s what we believe is the date of construction.

Tim: Now the reason this is a historic property, in addition to just how old it is, was that one of Denton’s first families lived here, and that was the Evers family. Who were the Evers?

David: Well the Evers were a family that came to the Denton area, and they’re probably best known for their hardware store that sat on the South side of the Square in the city of Denton. They sold hardware, construction material, and they ended up kind of morphing their business into more household goods, and then most recently their building was used as an antique type shop before they sold it, ultimately probably five, eight years ago.

Tim: Now, they lived in this home for a number of years and then they built a much larger house that most people know as the Evers house that’s at the other end of Oak Street just off of Welch.

David: That’s correct, and it’s probably one of the best preserved and oldest mansions, as it were, in the city of Denton. They obviously liked Oak Street; they just started on one end and ended up at the other.

Tim: And that house at one point had a skating rink, I think on the third floor. There’s not a skating rink here at your office, right?

David: We may slide around a lot, but no skating rinks, no.

Tim: What are kind of the features of this building, what makes this building unique?

David: Well, I like this building. The original construction–there were three rooms and a hallway, and they call it a “shotgun construction” because you could open up the front door and the back door and shoot through it and basically not hit anything. The building has, or the rooms have high ceilings, it’s low-key, it’s wood floors, the old girl takes a little upkeep from now and then but we like the feel of it.

Tim: Now this is a non-traditional office because it’s in what used to be a home, and you see lots of attorneys who are in office buildings and traditional settings. Why did this appeal to you as a place to have your office?

David: Well the two areas of law that our law office focuses on are family law and probate litigation, which is will contests, guardianship, things like that. Basically they’re family-oriented problems and that’s what we focus on in helping our clients. And if you’re looking for business litigation, the tall bank building works out better; if you have family issues, to me, it’s just a little more comfortable to come into a home and sit down and take care of your problems there.

Tim: All right, this has been another edition of Bouschor Family Law Radio.

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