How to Select an Attorney

These days with the internet, I think that people can do a lot of homework on an attorney. I think that attorneys that are in this business have left a footprint out there. I think you need to be wary of the ones that do nothing but advertise, because if you’re advertising that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you’re doing. In my experience some the ones that do the least amount of advertising may have the most experience because they have always gotten clients by way having referrals, instead of having to pick them up out of the yellow pages or off the internet. So there is a lot of work that people can do themselves. But as far as the questions to actually ask the attorney:

Ask them how they view a case.

How they’re going to handle certain issues, issues that are personal to their case. Whether it be their children, whether it be a family owned business, and see if that’s the style or that’s the way that you want your case handled because if somebody wants to go in and spend all their time in court, they need an attorney that’s going to go files a bunch of paper and spend all there time in court.

If they want an attorney that’s going develop the case, make sure that every one understands, at least on our side, everybody understands the workings of the property and the workings of the children, so the client can make an informed decision in the settlement arena. Then you want an attorney that’s going to work towards that.