What advice do you repeatedly give clients?

So it is something that for everybody’s peace of mind needs to be looked at and needs to
be talked about and needs to be planned for. Otherwise, it’ll bite you.

In most family law matters, the clients are closer to the solution than the attorneys are. So the best thing to do is get the fight out of the room. In the middle of a divorce, people are hurt. And if they dwell on being hurt, they’re going to spend a lot of money and they’re not going to be happy with the solutions that you come up with in most cases.

If you can get the fight out of the room, you can settle your case. 80 percent of divorces settle. For the other 20, the fight didn’t leave the room, and you’re going to end up going in front of a judge or jury and they’re going to decide for you. So then you still have to be able to function. And normally being very angry is not helpful.