What advice do you have on paying the bills during a divorce?

Divorces are expensive processes. In the beginning of them, the clients are faced with a situation where you are trying to pay for two households instead of just one. And people can’t live apart as cheaply as they did together.

Often there is a belt-tightening as well as the use of credit. Not only do you have your living expenses that are expanded, but you also have expenses from the process. If you’re having issues with custody, there may be social studies done or other counseling work done, and those professionals need to be financed. You also have attorneys involved and sometimes experts when it comes to tracing funds and things like that.

So it is an expensive process that needs to be planned for. Generally speaking it’s kind of like buying a car; it is something that you’re going to have to pay for and pay for now, and you’re going to have to make arrangements to take care of that bill. Often you can use credit, but sometimes there are places you can go such as the family, where you can pay them back over time.

So it is something that for everybody’s peace of mind needs to be looked at and needs to be talked about and needs to be planned for. Otherwise, it’ll bite you.