What can I do to limit the cost of my divorce?

The best thing that a client can do to limit the cost of their divorce is be attentive to what they’re going through. This is a business deal in most cases. You have to gather information, you have to disseminate information to your legal team and maybe certain experts. And if you do that promptly, it takes less time to get things done. If you return calls, if you get paperwork done. There’s a lot of homework that my office will give you that are forms that we have used that you can do in the quiet of your own home. And there’s cost savings because you’re not paying us to do it. If you do those right away and get them to us, then everything runs smoothly. If you save time in a divorce, you’re saving money. Because divorce attorneys charge for their time. So if you’re not using it up, you’re not getting charged for it.