What Makes The Law Office of David S. Bouschor, II, Different?

Welcome to another edition of Bouschor Family Law Radio. Today we’re talking with David about what it is that makes the Bouschor Family Law Office different from other places. I guess David the first place to start is, you’re not in an office building.

David: No we’re not. We’re in a historical house that is a block and a half off the square in Denton. And it was originally built by the Evers when they first came to the city of Denton, and it’s basically an old farmhouse that we have converted into an office.

Tim: And that is creating, as a result, kind of a different feel for this office. When you walk in, you can tell that you’re not in an office building, that you’re in a home.

David: Well we focus on family law and probate issues, both of which tend to be involving families, and I believe that this environment is a lot more relaxed. Lawsuits are stressful enough. The glass towers with the stainless steel chairs and things like that, I don’t think it’s conducive to having people relaxed and be able to function at their best in getting through these types of issues.

Tim: And one of the things that is clear here is that this is a very friendly place, that from the moment you walk in you are being greeted by people who really care.

David: Well we strive for that. For instance, if you call my office and you don’t get a human, then that means everybody’s already on the phone. We have a receptionist, we don’t have you come in to a glass window that you have to knock on or ring a bell. This is a client-oriented office, and will always remain that way.

Tim: So when someone comes in and begins the process with you of looking at a family law case or a probate matter, they sit down with you personally to discuss that particular case. They don’t sit down with someone else initially.

David: In 95% of the cases, you will sit down with me for the initial consultation. This is my office; it’s got my name on the door and will always have my name on the door. We do have other people working here that often, if I’m not here or if you’re already a client and things have to be worked with, that they will be here so that you can work with them. But your case, the strategy of your case, the questions that you will have, especially in the beginning phases of your case, will be run through me.

Tim: And with that, your support staff then also knows everyone on a first-name basis.

David: I believe that’s the case. There are probably some instances where one legal assistant has not been working on your case, they may not be familiar with it, but every case does have a legal assistant assigned to it as well as an attorney, and we know your case. You’re not just a number.

Tim: All right, this has been another edition of Bouschor Family Law Radio.

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