My Focus on Collaborative Divorce and Probate

With my experience and background, I have stayed in the arena of collaborative law and in probate litigation. In probate litigation, guardianships and probates and they are all family matters. In most cases these are all family issues, the laws are in two different books, one is in the estate code and one is the family code. But I have focused in those areas of practice and I think that my experience and background and my success in this area have been good. I have the experience to handle your case. I’ve been doing this since 1991. I have been doing family law cases and I believe that most of my clients believe they’ve gotten good results. Not everybody gets what they want because the judge doesn’t always give the what they want. But they understand their case, they understand what happened.

My business background has been referrals and those are clients that I’ve worked with before sending more clients to me. I’ve been reasonably successful and I think that I wasn’t good at what I do I wouldn’t be getting referrals. That is the proof in the pudding, because I can sit here and tell you I’m great. But all used car salesmen will say that. What I can say is that my clients are sending clients to me.