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Welcome to another edition of Bouschor Family Law radio, with David S. Bouschor, II. David, today, we’re talking about a designation, or recognition, that you and your office received recently as a Best Lawyer and a Best Law Firm. There are lots of recognitions out there, there’s Super Lawyers, there’s, Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and a number of things that you’ve received through the years. What do these designations really mean? What should someone who’s looking for a, a lawyer understand about some of these designations?

David S. Bouschor, II: Well, for each of these designations, these groups, and each one has slightly different criteria, but, they are looking at lawyers, they’re looking at whether they’ve had grievances filed against them. They’ve looked at number years that they have been practicing. They’ve, they also, and to some respect, look at each other, for instance, a board certification, that is an off-shoot of the Texas Bar, and it is where, an attorney, who is certified in a particular area has been actually tested with, with a several day test that is equivalent, or superior to, the actual bar exam in their particular area. And they have shown to have, special knowledge, superior knowledge, and experience, in those areas. So, when you’re board certified, that’s some of the things that get picked up by Super Lawyers, and by Best Law firms, in that you have, you’ve done things to rise above you, the average attorney that is working the area.

Tim: This recent designation that you and your office received as a Best Law Firm is not only a testament to your work, but it’s also a testament to what your staff does.

David S. Bouschor, II: Well, believe it, or not, in an awful lot of cases a client’s experience is a direct off-shoot of how they’re worked with by the office. Obvious results are very important to every client, but there is so much information gathering, and information categorizing, things like that. And most of that is actually handled with the help of a law office. Communications are done with the law office. And if those communications aren’t done well, quite frankly, the clients end up with a bad experience no matter what the outcome is. So, absolutely, when you get these sorts of recognitions, it is very clear that your, your office is running smoothly, and that’s what has, has made you stand above the other ones.

Tim: So, For the person who is looking at, for an attorney, how do they, how should they sort of read some of these different honors, and recognitions? I guess the first place is, to look for a board-certified attorney, and then look at the things that come after that.

David S. Bouschor, II: Well, I think if, if you have a case that has unusual, issues or that are large issues, and this is large to you, not necessarily to other people, and whether it’s large or not, is your call, not anybody else’s; then you want somebody who has been doing this for a number of years and somebody who has experience. But you want to know that they’ve been doing it for those number of years correctly. So, that’s where a board certification is going to give some information there. And, these other recognitions are going to be able to show that there are review processes that are out there, that have recognized these attorneys and their offices, and that they have shown themselves to be superior to a lot of other offices.

Tim: So, if you’re looking for a Super Lawyer, a Best Lawyer, a board-certified family law attorney, David S. Bouschor, II would be a good place to start. This has been another edition of Bouschor Family Law Radio.

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