About Law Offices of David S. Bouschor, II P.C.

We handle cases through the Texas Family Code, which include divorces, child issues, custody modification, things like that. We also handle family issues through the Estates Code. We do guardianships when there’s an incapacitated elderly or young child, and we do probates when people have to wrap up their deceased or loved ones’ estates.

One is we have an experience level. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I have associates that have been doing this for over 20. And that experience gives you the ability to handle any kind of case, whether it’s complicated or not.

The other thing is that we have kept the size of our firm so that we haven’t become a mega-firm where clients get lost. If I’m handling your case, you’re going to be dealing with me.

Our office is in an old house that was originally built by the Evers, which is a well-known family in the Denton area. It’s about a block-and-a-half off of the square in Denton. We have been there since I believe 1998. And it’s a feel that works well with family law cases. It’s obviously not a big bank building. And we like it, and our clients like it too.