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What makes your firm different from other firms?

I think our firm is different from other firms for several reasons. One is we have an experience level. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. I have associates that have been doing this for over 20. And that experience gives you the ability to handle any kind of case, whether it’s complicated or not. The other thing is that we have kept the size of our firm so that we haven’t become a mega-firm where clients get lost. If I’m handling your case, you’re going to be dealing with me. We handle very complicated cases, both with child issues or with financial issues. And we have very experienced staff. And you’re not giving up the ability to handle the more complicated by being a smaller firm, but you don’t get lost with the high-rise, 400-man firm down the road. I’m going to handle your case if I’m your attorney. And that’s never going to change.