Find an Attorney that Can Handle Your Case

First of all, I think that you need to find an attorney with enough experience to handle your case. What I mean by that is that if you have a marriage that’s 10 years, you have retirement, you have a lot of property, you’ve got several kids and you have several years of co-parenting, still in your future. An attorney who has been in this business for 5 years, may not have the experience and the knowledge to handle all of your problems because there are two cases that are actually happening. One is your divorce with all of your property, and the other your suit affecting parent child relationship, which has to do with you and your children. Both of those have long standing issues that are going to affect you in the future if they are not taken care of correctly. Second is that you need to find an attorney that you can walk down the road with, because a divorce is not an event, it’s a process. And if you are uncomfortable with your attorney then at some point when they say ” I think you ought to do this” or ” My advice is this”. You’re going to be less likely to take it, than if you’re really comfortable with this person. Comfortable with both with their experience and the way they handle your case. Some people want a more aggressive style, some people want a less aggressive style. Once again that’s a personal choice. So I think those two things are the two major issues that you need to be looking for when hiring an attorney for your divorce.