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  • Learn About Probate
    Learn About Probate

    What is probate? Probate is a process whereby somebody’s estate after they die is administered, and I mean administered–every month you have bills to pay, every month you have property to take care ...

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  • Collaborative vs Litigation : Options for Divorcing Couples
    Collaborative vs Litigation : Options for Divorcing Couples

    Divorce is an ugly word and an even uglier time but a very real part of many peoples lives today. My name is David Bouschor, I’m a board-certified family law lawyer. The key question for many people, ...

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  • Learn About Negotiation Tactics
    Learn About Negotiation Tactics

    Collin: This is Collin O’ Keif for LXVN TV and Affiliate Texas Bar TV. I’m here at the 2013 State Bar of Texas annual meeting. And I am joined by attorney David Bouschor. David first, we are talking ...

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  • I Focus on Collaborative Divorce and Probate
    I Focus on Collaborative Divorce and Probate

    With my experience and background, I have stayed in the arena of collaborative law and in probate litigation. In probate litigation, it’s guardianships and probates, and really, they are all family ...

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  • Litigated Divorce : My Experience
    Litigated Divorce : My Experience

    I have had a lot of experience with trials. I have had many jury trials. But we don’t go to trial unless we absolutely have to. But we have had cases where one of the spouses kidnapped the children ...

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  • Collaborative Law : My Experience
    Collaborative Law : My Experience

    I’ve been practicing collaborative law since 2001, and I’ve been a trainer for attorneys and neutrals in collaborative divorce. In the collaborative divorce process, we have what we call neutrals, ...

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